Still, A “No Decision”

I listened to Trump.
Trump is right, but the problem is, is he right in the head?

I could find nothing in the speech with which I disagree, but I remember the Trump who said he would order I still remember the US military to commit War Crimes! (Kill unarmed family members of terrorist families! He has never walked that back!

He showed nothing but disdain for POWs — all POWs! He has never walked that back!

On the other hand, I know the FBI decision not to indict Hillary was a political one because the FBI Director told us of the specifics then said no indictment. But he enumerated ALL the elements of an indictment! You know it, I know it and Hillary supporters know it. They just don’t care!

So it ends up with someone I thoroughly dislike, or someone I actually believe committed a crime, and one that endangered the secrets of the nation!

The question in my mind is “Have either of them learned the needed lessons, and do either understand that they are deeply, deeply despised?”

If you put a gun to my head, I would vote for Trump.

But I still have time to consider just sitting it out. Or voting Libertarian.


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