Totally Humiliated!

I am so humiliated!
Let me admit I have just turned 83. 


So, last week I took my Rolex President watch to my Jeweler, Unicorn Jewelry in Rancho Bernardo. My watch, a gift from my son when I was appointed to CEO and President of the Los Angeles TV station, is just Bling because my iPhone tells me much better time than the Rolex. 

Still, I want my Bling to work. Rolex watches SHOULD work!

So today I go in to pick it up, and the jeweler came out of his cubicle and said, “Mr. Hemphill, let me show you how to wind your watch. I know your watch is a self-winding, but in all honesty you are not sufficiently active to wind the watch.”

Owwww! Someone just told me, “Dude, YOU are old!”

(Definitely, more movement is in my future!)

Moving To The Center!

All of the polls indicate that the public is highly dissatisfied with the candidates of both political parties. What we are not discussing is the policies of those candidates as opposed to the personal traits of those candidates. 
It is certainly true that the personal traits of both candidates are something even greater than awful, so one must look beyond the personal traits to the policies of the two candidates if someone wants to limit their votes to “D” or “R.”

 (I don’t, but you might.)

The Republicans have it all over the Democrats in policy at least to my liking. Right now, I can’t keep up with the Republican positions as enunciated by Tramp. First he was going to deport all illegal aliens, but someone told him that each illegal would require a hearing. There are not sufficient Judges or court rooms in the world…

 Oooops! Change One is issued. Only criminals will be deported. Finally!

Then there was the stop all Muslims from entering until the US can sort this out. That position went to all immigrants from Muslim countries must go through “extreme, extreme vetting.” 

O.K. — a great position. Finally!

Then, there was that non-apology, apology. He didn’t specifically say to whom he apologized. All of humanity? Sorry, if he is apologizing to me I want him to admit that he doesn’t want to order the military to commit War Crimes by killing the unarmed families of terrorists, and that he doesn’t know more about ISIS than the Generals. He doesn’t, but he believes he does, and that’s worse!

Yes, his advisors have had some influence upon Trump. The question is: Will ANYONE have ANY influence upon Trump if he sits in the Oval Office? There he lives in a bubble, uninfluenced by national polls, media, or even friends. Even his family will be running his “Empire.” 

I once thought that his military leadership would resign if Trump became too autocratic, but more knowledge and maturity tells me that the military leadership is fully politicized, as is the normal situation during decades of war less than worldwide.

(In peacetime, Generals are cocktail party representatives to the Elites. Come war, they are pensioned off, and Warriors — the military knows who they are and where to find them — are quickly advanced to actually persecute the war!)

Live With It!

The Press is liberal!

Know what? Ever since the “ink stained wretches” primarily covered the crime beat and spent most of their time in bars near the police station, the press has moved to the left.

Ever since the institutionalizations of journalism on college campuses in “J” schools, liberalism has crept, or raced into journalism.

I have been a freelance Columnist for five Editors, one liberal, two conservative, and two whose slant I could never discern. 

Most of my Editors balanced the editorial pages with another liberal columnist. The problem exists on the news pages, and there the slant is seldom in the writing but often in the “Editor’s Choice” where stories advancing liberal themes or liberal candidates gets more or better play than ones that favor conservative issues or people.

It is seldom overt, and one could not prove the bias except in the aggregate., and that aggregate is how newspapers and TV networks get their reputation. Their reputations are deserved, liberal and conservative.

But what bothers me is when Trump, and indeed most conservatives complain about the liberal press, like they didn’t know that before they ever ran for public office! It’s not new and it is not going to change! It’s like complaining about the rain — just get an umbrella and shut up since you can’t control the rain!

Murdoch and Ailes at least did something about it by establishing Fox. That is the answer, and someone could have bought the Washington Post for a Confederate Dollar and a bushel of oats, but conservatives passed and let another liberal scoop it up.

The Uneducated Generation

This is not to rag upon anyone on my Facebook page, because we are relatively old and attended school back when education was education, but today’s college kids are simply uneducated to any standard.
A professor of Political Science at Notre Dame, writes thusly: 

“You cannot point to a sentence and say, simply, ‘Your verb here does not agree with your subject.’ That is not only because they do not understand the terms of the comment. It is also because many of their sentences will have no clear subject or verb to begin with. The students make grammatical errors for which there are no names.”



Anthony Esolen

It is often remarked upon that incoming college Freshmen in the California State College system must take Remedial English at a greater than 30% rate, and my experience as a professor computer science confirms that.

I required all tests to have full sentence answers, often a paragraph. I gave no “multiple guess” questions, and I discovered an illiterate in my class! He simply could not write a coherent sentence, and he had an AA degree from a nearby community college. I failed him, but informed the university that it was their responsibility to remediate him because they had accepted him. The student made the mistake of challenging my failing grade in writing, and the university sent me a copy of his letter, annotated, “You are right! He is illiterate!”

California ranks 47th among states in education, although the teachers rank fourth in the nation in pay.

It is obvious that we are not getting our money’s worth!

Trump Worked Very Hard To Lose My Vote!

It is no secret that I am a Gary Johnson supporter, although I reliably voted for Republican presidential candidates for 60 years.
Trump had to work very hard to lose my vote, but work hard he did!

It is the usual blog response that my vote for Johnson is essentially a vote for Hillary.

No, my vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson! If there is a blame for my vote not going where it has always gone, the blame goes to the candidate who worked so hard to LOSE it!

Yes, a vote for the third party usually helps One of the major political parties, which I why I didn’t vote for Ross Perot, but this is different in that if Johnson was not a candidate I would simply leave the presidential vote blank because, Trump drove me away, and there is no way I could support him!

I will not be blackmailed or shamed by Trump supporters who are trying desperately to close the gap between Trump and Hillary by tapping into the almost 9% currently going to Johnson/Weld. Trump organizers know that in a normal election cycle Johnson would only get 3% so they logically conclude that 6% is there for the mining.

No it isn’t. Bullying won’t work! (At least with me!)

Trump only has about 78% of the Republican vote — Romney had 90% and he lost big time. Trump thinks that the newbies to the party will take him over the top, but Trump is simply wrong! TrumpBots think the polls are wrong, and one or two usually are but the vast majority are right or nearly so.

Even TrumpBots must ask themselves if they want to go through an entire presidency saying, “Trump did what?”

“Trump Beats Clinton Among Military (True but inaccurate!)

The Military Times conducted an unscientific survey of its subscribers, some 2,000 of them, and the press headlines “Trump Beats Clinton” among Active Duty members.
And they are correct — as far as it goes.

Actually, Trump finished second, and Clinton third. So, technically, Trump did beat Clinton in the survey.

But the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson actually finished first!

Nobody will tell you, so I just did. I read the Military Times, rather than relying on the media

Unforced Errors

I have concluded that Trump really does not want to become president, but that his ego won’t permit him to quit so he has become an automated gaffe machine in hopes that an equally unqualified Hillary will narrowly defeat him.
How else to explain his unforced errors?

I completely agree with the VFW: “Election year or not, the VFW will not tolerate anyone berating a Gold Star family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression,” said VFW Commander-in-Chief Brian Duffy. “There are certain sacrosanct subjects that no amount of wordsmithing can repair once crossed. Giving one’s life to nation is the greatest sacrifice, followed closely by Gold Star families, who have a right to make their voices heard.”

I had hoped to find a way through this maze to vote for Trump.

I cannot, and as a penance I will concentrate on reading books, listening to music, and otherwise avoid Facebook for weeks, until my sanity returns.