Trump Worked Very Hard To Lose My Vote!

It is no secret that I am a Gary Johnson supporter, although I reliably voted for Republican presidential candidates for 60 years.
Trump had to work very hard to lose my vote, but work hard he did!

It is the usual blog response that my vote for Johnson is essentially a vote for Hillary.

No, my vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson! If there is a blame for my vote not going where it has always gone, the blame goes to the candidate who worked so hard to LOSE it!

Yes, a vote for the third party usually helps One of the major political parties, which I why I didn’t vote for Ross Perot, but this is different in that if Johnson was not a candidate I would simply leave the presidential vote blank because, Trump drove me away, and there is no way I could support him!

I will not be blackmailed or shamed by Trump supporters who are trying desperately to close the gap between Trump and Hillary by tapping into the almost 9% currently going to Johnson/Weld. Trump organizers know that in a normal election cycle Johnson would only get 3% so they logically conclude that 6% is there for the mining.

No it isn’t. Bullying won’t work! (At least with me!)

Trump only has about 78% of the Republican vote — Romney had 90% and he lost big time. Trump thinks that the newbies to the party will take him over the top, but Trump is simply wrong! TrumpBots think the polls are wrong, and one or two usually are but the vast majority are right or nearly so.

Even TrumpBots must ask themselves if they want to go through an entire presidency saying, “Trump did what?”

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