The Uneducated Generation

This is not to rag upon anyone on my Facebook page, because we are relatively old and attended school back when education was education, but today’s college kids are simply uneducated to any standard.
A professor of Political Science at Notre Dame, writes thusly: 

“You cannot point to a sentence and say, simply, ‘Your verb here does not agree with your subject.’ That is not only because they do not understand the terms of the comment. It is also because many of their sentences will have no clear subject or verb to begin with. The students make grammatical errors for which there are no names.”



Anthony Esolen

It is often remarked upon that incoming college Freshmen in the California State College system must take Remedial English at a greater than 30% rate, and my experience as a professor computer science confirms that.

I required all tests to have full sentence answers, often a paragraph. I gave no “multiple guess” questions, and I discovered an illiterate in my class! He simply could not write a coherent sentence, and he had an AA degree from a nearby community college. I failed him, but informed the university that it was their responsibility to remediate him because they had accepted him. The student made the mistake of challenging my failing grade in writing, and the university sent me a copy of his letter, annotated, “You are right! He is illiterate!”

California ranks 47th among states in education, although the teachers rank fourth in the nation in pay.

It is obvious that we are not getting our money’s worth!

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