Live With It!

The Press is liberal!

Know what? Ever since the “ink stained wretches” primarily covered the crime beat and spent most of their time in bars near the police station, the press has moved to the left.

Ever since the institutionalizations of journalism on college campuses in “J” schools, liberalism has crept, or raced into journalism.

I have been a freelance Columnist for five Editors, one liberal, two conservative, and two whose slant I could never discern. 

Most of my Editors balanced the editorial pages with another liberal columnist. The problem exists on the news pages, and there the slant is seldom in the writing but often in the “Editor’s Choice” where stories advancing liberal themes or liberal candidates gets more or better play than ones that favor conservative issues or people.

It is seldom overt, and one could not prove the bias except in the aggregate., and that aggregate is how newspapers and TV networks get their reputation. Their reputations are deserved, liberal and conservative.

But what bothers me is when Trump, and indeed most conservatives complain about the liberal press, like they didn’t know that before they ever ran for public office! It’s not new and it is not going to change! It’s like complaining about the rain — just get an umbrella and shut up since you can’t control the rain!

Murdoch and Ailes at least did something about it by establishing Fox. That is the answer, and someone could have bought the Washington Post for a Confederate Dollar and a bushel of oats, but conservatives passed and let another liberal scoop it up.

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