Moving To The Center!

All of the polls indicate that the public is highly dissatisfied with the candidates of both political parties. What we are not discussing is the policies of those candidates as opposed to the personal traits of those candidates. 
It is certainly true that the personal traits of both candidates are something even greater than awful, so one must look beyond the personal traits to the policies of the two candidates if someone wants to limit their votes to “D” or “R.”

 (I don’t, but you might.)

The Republicans have it all over the Democrats in policy at least to my liking. Right now, I can’t keep up with the Republican positions as enunciated by Tramp. First he was going to deport all illegal aliens, but someone told him that each illegal would require a hearing. There are not sufficient Judges or court rooms in the world…

 Oooops! Change One is issued. Only criminals will be deported. Finally!

Then there was the stop all Muslims from entering until the US can sort this out. That position went to all immigrants from Muslim countries must go through “extreme, extreme vetting.” 

O.K. — a great position. Finally!

Then, there was that non-apology, apology. He didn’t specifically say to whom he apologized. All of humanity? Sorry, if he is apologizing to me I want him to admit that he doesn’t want to order the military to commit War Crimes by killing the unarmed families of terrorists, and that he doesn’t know more about ISIS than the Generals. He doesn’t, but he believes he does, and that’s worse!

Yes, his advisors have had some influence upon Trump. The question is: Will ANYONE have ANY influence upon Trump if he sits in the Oval Office? There he lives in a bubble, uninfluenced by national polls, media, or even friends. Even his family will be running his “Empire.” 

I once thought that his military leadership would resign if Trump became too autocratic, but more knowledge and maturity tells me that the military leadership is fully politicized, as is the normal situation during decades of war less than worldwide.

(In peacetime, Generals are cocktail party representatives to the Elites. Come war, they are pensioned off, and Warriors — the military knows who they are and where to find them — are quickly advanced to actually persecute the war!)

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