Totally Humiliated!

I am so humiliated!
Let me admit I have just turned 83. 


So, last week I took my Rolex President watch to my Jeweler, Unicorn Jewelry in Rancho Bernardo. My watch, a gift from my son when I was appointed to CEO and President of the Los Angeles TV station, is just Bling because my iPhone tells me much better time than the Rolex. 

Still, I want my Bling to work. Rolex watches SHOULD work!

So today I go in to pick it up, and the jeweler came out of his cubicle and said, “Mr. Hemphill, let me show you how to wind your watch. I know your watch is a self-winding, but in all honesty you are not sufficiently active to wind the watch.”

Owwww! Someone just told me, “Dude, YOU are old!”

(Definitely, more movement is in my future!)

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