In The Race to the Bottom, It’s a tie

Well, the political polls are tightening in the race to the bottom.
I just hope that Trump, should he win, doesn’t think he is beloved, because he is running against the single most lying, criminal, and devious candidate since her husband, Slick Willie. The Democrats are notorious for electing crooks, some of whom are elected while serving prison sentences.

But Trump, in this race among the most disliked candidates, appears to be taking advantage of the known and suspected criminal elements of her campaign. Each candidate has been holding on, trying to avoid too many unforced errors while waiting for the other candidate to implode.

Today, Hillary is imploding faster, but is just one turn of the hour hand and Trump will replace her. Trump keeps trying to give the presidency away, but Hillary can’t hold it.

The Republicans will have more trouble repairing the Party regardless. The Democrats have a great deal more tolerance for crooks. They almost venerate them. It’s greater than simple tolerance.

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