Next Man Up

The football rankings are out and Navy is ranked 46, just behind USC.
But that isn’t the story. No, the story is Tago Smith, the ultra patient Quarterback but very talented Quarterback for Navy. He was backup for Keenan Reynolds, Navy’s record setting scoring demon. (88 college touchdowns.)

Finally on his own, Tago Smith and with acknowledged talent, he tore his ACL in the very first game he Quarterbacked, last week against Fordham. His season is over, and so is his college career. Surprisingly, Navy only dropped two places on Tago’s injury. 

It’s “next man up.”

Unless, Navy does what many teams are allowed to do, play a “fifth year.” In Tago’s case it’s really a fourth year, but he will have graduated. Navy has never played a man who has graduated because he is supposed to be in the fleet, but as a humanitarian move…

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