THE Threat!

I don’t pretend to understand North Korea, but I was inexorably attached to it man and boy, from getting three Battle Stars, a US Presidential Unit Citation and Korean Unit Citation in 1951 (Korean War), to working to get the crew of the USS Pueblo (AGER-2) returned after their seizure at sea, as spokesman for the family of that ship’s Skipper, Cdr. “Pete” Bucher.
I even had a chance after the release of the Crew to step across the line at Panmunjom under the angry gaze of the NK Guards, on a day that the US was in charge of the table. I got to stand at the head of the table in NK territory.

So, North Korea and I have had several intersections. I don’t pretend to understand anything about them, and anyone who says they do, is lying. We can describe them only from our Western frame of reference, and nothing in the literature or experience exactly describes a combination of paranoia, extremely low self esteem, dictatorship, and protection by China can give a tiny, insecure region.

One thing that is easy to understand is their desire to secure atomic weapons – – it feeds their low self esteem. It protects their nation from potential invasion, though none is a potential. Still a nation with “The Bomb” can pull on their Big Boy Pants every morning.

So, why not a preemptive strike? Well, for one, about 1,000 artillery pieces within range of downtown Seoul, so if they just get off a few rounds each before they are destroyed, Seoul will be a flaming wreck. The loss of life in Seoul will be enormous, and the NK Army will overrun the South like a human wave. They have experience in quickly invading the South.

Only the use of US Nuclear weapons in the North to destroy their atomic arsenal, their missiles, AND their army will do the job, and no American president has had the will. Every president for the past five has kicked the can down the road hoping, (and that’s what it is “hoping,) that a new and more enlightened ruler would appear.

It has gotten worse through each US Administration, and the threat has increased through each administration. Of course not every nation with an atomic weapon is a threat.

North Korea, is.

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