Terrorism Reaction Helps Trump

Those Muslim extremists are going to elect Trump all by themselves, as the nation reacts to small, but continuing acts of terrorism — not out of fear, but anger.
And the anger is not just directed at those who came here voluntarily and bite the hand that feeds them, but at government response, as in immigration. Immigration has many moving parts, some good, some bad.

Immigration, is further bifurcated into legal and illegal. Illegal is even again bifurcated into those who come across a border without official notice, and those who came here on a college or a shopping visa and “overstayed.”

You know all that. You also know that Europe is suffering badly and yet they refuse because of overblown concepts of multiculturalism and diversity. We have bought into that failing concept, albeit in a minor key. One of the driving forces behind BREXIT was trying to escape the EU suicidal mode of immigration.

The world is in chaos, and those who offer the chance that they know the way out of the chaos will get a following. The greater the chaos, and the closer to the election, the more likely that the population will run to the sound of a more certain trumpet.

In a more perfect world, a Know-Nothing like Trump would be opposed by a a more trustworthy candidate who had something more to offer than just more of the same of an obviously failed policy

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