Not Really A Baseball Column!

I have great hopes (finally) for the San Diego Padres, and it has little to do with their abysmal baseball play.
The Padres have brought up some terrific talent from their league-leading Pacific Coast League team, the Chihuahuas from El Paso. They are young, fast, have canons for arms, and can hit a ton!

But their physical attributes are not the reason I think the Padres may fare better for the next few years, no, it has to do with their present and past experiences.

How would you like to sidle up to a blond in a bar, all full of yourself and tell that blonde that you are a professional baseball player, but when she asks, “what team(?), you answer, “the Chihuahuas.”

That is a night-ending answer! As bad as the Padres are, answering the Padres beats Chihuahuas all hollow!

Now, the second reason is El Paso.

Ever been to El Paso? No one EVER wants to leave San Diego to go to El Paso! A player will even listen to their coaches, get to the ballpark early, and stay out of the bars to stay in San Diego!

Forget the difference between PETCO Park (voted the best ballpark in the Major Leagues) and whatever exists in El Paso, forget the difference in salary, forget the difference between travel by air and by bus…all important, to be sure, but…

Just think af going back to the Chihuahuas, in El Paso!

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