It’s Fixed!

About the debates…
I don’t care! I am 83 and I can’t afford to waste 90 minutes, and even if I could, I wouldn’t 

So I didn’t. Not one mind was changed, and it would not not surprise me that it was not designed that way.

No, no conspiracy theory about the people involved today. The Debate Commission was started by the Democratic and Republican political parties in 1988 to foster the Democratic and Republican parties, and while there was no outward design to keep minor political parties as minor parties.

There is a general thought that this nation doesn’t want to fall into the European model of tens of political parties, so the Commission set an arbitrary of 15% in the polls but the result is that even Ross Perot couldn’t qualify for the stage…and he eventually got 19% in the general election.

The co-chairs of the Commission are former executives in the two major political parties, as if that doesn’t tell you that it is an arm of those political parties. 

It’s insane. The Libertarian Party is qualified in every state, and that is a chore getting on the ballot in 50 states. That makes a lot more sense than setting an arbitrary rule of 15% of arbitrary national polls. 

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party should have been on the debate stage if for no other reason than the two major political parties managed to nominate two of the most deservedly reviled and hated individuals since the Japanese soldier in WWII.

AT least in Johnson, an audience could hear an opinion other than the canned answers to each position that everyone has heard a hundred times from each nominee.

Then I’ll tune in.

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