I’M So Discouraged

In my 83 years, during 60 of which I was not just politically aware but politically inquisitive, and I have been on every continent except Australia and the Antarctica. 
I have seen corruption in nations, US states, and I have known a Congressman who accepted bribes, so I had a pretty good feel of government corruption. 

I have seen corruption in Japan, and the Philippines, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and…

We all know from our history that cities like Chicago, Newark, and Biloxi were corrupt, and states like Illinois, Louisiana and New Jersey were corrupt to the bone. Hawaii is almost in a space by itself.

What I never accepted was that our national political machinery was corrupt. I now believe that our national political system is absolutely as corrupt as almost any other process I have seen.

It is not just the FBI absolving Hillary of security breaches that would have incarcerated me as a Submarine officer handling Top Secret messages, but I further believe that the fix was set when Bill Clinton had an unannounced “chance” meeting in that Arizona airport hangar.

No one has explained that meeting. I believe Bill Clinton convinced the Attorney General to spike the FBI investigation because it would cause serious disruption to an election. I believe that FBI Director Comer decided that rather than risk chaos, he would give the American enough information to defeat Hillary without directly interfering with the process.

The coverup continues to this day, with Judicial Watch prying hidden e-mails grudgingly from the State Department., and the Department of Justice running interference. The corruption in the IRS was visibly apparent to even the most casual observer (remember the name Lois Lerner?), and, by itself, would not have brought my opinion of corruption, but from the IRS, to the VA, to the e-mail scandal with immunity being handed out like candy, to the DOJ investigation of the Wall Street — with no one ever being indicted, jailed or fired…

If I had previously believed the government was corrupt to the bone, I could not have served in the Navy beginning at age 17, and for 26 years.

My government is corrupt. 

I hate to believe it…but I do. 

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