The search warrant, as I understand it, does not mention Hillary but shows the target is Huma. This latest bombshell is not directed against Hillary… but her presumptive President Chief of Staff. (It may be that there is a hope that Huma can later be flipped against Hillary, but I doubt it…)
Huma MAY have perjured herself by testifying under oath that she turned over everything. She didn’t. Huma MAY have “shared” with someone not authorized — Anthony the Sexter. (Which raises the question if Huma, or Hillary for that matter, shared classified material with unauthorized attorneys.)

I have seen officer’s careers ended because they left a Secret message on top of a safe overnight…on a submarine, submerged, with every officer surrounding the safe having a Top Secret clearance!

Ask Huma!

Comey certainly dropped a bomb, but HillaryBots won’t care any more than TrumpBots care about his Access Hollywood remarks.
But, Independents are paying attention, and in every election, independents hold the key. What we don’t know is how many Independents have already voted. Common sense tells me that Bots of both candidates tend to get their vote in early, but nothing in this election series is running to form.

Huma could settle this by telling everyone what she knows is on the server she shared with her then pervert husband. She Knows, and while there may or may not be classified messages on the server, Huma KNOWS! 

In the LA Times, the reporter who broke the news of the Comey investigation to the Clinton campaign reported seeming thunderstruck and on the cell phone immediately. I watched all Sunday shows and none of them interviewed Huma. Only FOX News Chris Wallace hammered the Clinton campaign manager over that subject.

The FBI investigation may take months, but getting the information should take seconds.

Ask Huma!

Can We Get a “Do-Over?”

This is a can of worms!
If the FBI investigation finds that Hillary has passed that threshold between “extremely careless” and “gross negligence” — what ever that line is — could we have an immediate impeachment after she wins the election?

Remember that 13 million people have voted without the benefit of this knowledge! Three million votes have been cast in Florida!

Can an election be delayed? Can we get a “do over” in both political parties?

Getting Closer (Fortunately)

Like you, I an eagerly awaiting the election to be over. In San Diego, we have a lot of things on our ballot including a new football stadium — which has zero chance of passing. (That makes the Chargers decide upon Los Angeles and a shared stadium with the LA Rams, or staying in town with an “old” stadium.)
It makes no difference how I vote. There are so many leftist idiots in California that the votes in the Electoral College will go for Hillary. My vote for Johnson, like a vote for anyone but Hillary is just for show!

The thought that every vote counts is just nonsense. It doesn’t.

Mine never counted in 2008 or 2012 either, and that’s too bad because Obama is partly responsible for Trump. Obama pushed through ObamaCare with zero Republican support and it is crumbling right before our eyes. His administration caused Fast and Furious, something that both Mexicans and Americans still get bullets from, his IRS targeted conservative groups, his State Department botched the Middle East, his FBI can define an indictment in detail but not find an indictment, and his Veterans Administration caused countless Veteran deaths.

Luckily, a compliant press and a citizenship not anxious to find fault with the first Black president, gave him a huge pass, but Republicans reacted to it with anger and that anger bred Trump.

And Trump had just enough of an angry overreaction to fail


Trump’s internals must now match national polls, which means Kellyanne has told Trump he is way behind. Trump even seems to know it, although today he says he is ahead. (He isn’t.)
That doesn’t stop his supporters from refusing to believe it, and indeed Wikileaks is still reporting Clinton criminal activity, which is awful. But Clinton’s people keep trying to deny the validity of the leaks by saying the Russian’s hacked the system.

As a blogger noted, that like not putting out a fire in your home because it was started by an Arsonist!

Content, content, content. And content shows the sleazy inner works of politics, and the illegal nature of the Clinton Criminal Enterprise and Foundation.

But as bad as Clinton is, and she is REALLY bad, Trump is worse according to the current readings. 

Either one is actually worse than the other

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

“Trump will get Hillary elected” — exactly correct.
There has never been an election in which a Democratic nominee had more than a 50% “unfavorable” rating. Any nominee of almost any political party, except Ted Buddy and Charles Manson should have walked away with this election.

So what does the Stupid Party do? It elects a guy with 65% unfavorable numbers! 

Stupid is as stupid does, and the Republicans Stupid did!

Point! Set! Match!

Easy decision.
Trump was ahead on points until he stepped on his crank and said he might not accept the legitimacy of an American election. At that point, it was game over.

Point, set, match!

There was no recovery but in all honesty, from that point forward there was no trying for a recovery. Trump smirked, interrupted and behaved as he had done in the first — and losing debate. Apparently when pressed about accepting the vote, Trump lost his footing, and slipped, grabbed for balance, and did a face plant for the rest of the debate.

Damn, I regret that the Republicans have thrown this “gimme” away! 

But it is what it is. We can’t change it, I suppose the RNC could change it but it would cause not just chaos in the Republican Party, but in the election. Can you imagine another snap debate!

Damn. Just damn!