Jan 24, 2016 – “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump said
At the start of the Republican primary, like others I remarked in a blog that Trump was “lewd, rude and crude”…now proven, but worse he is an admitted predator!

He gropes women, and feels entitled to do so because he is a “star.”

Some may be shocked by the language, but, as a 26 year Sailor, I am far more concerned with his behavior. In my decade in small (six man), officer Wardrooms, I never heard anyone mentioning groping women. Submarine Sailors are as raunchy as anyone — probably worse — but every one I ever heard “talk” about their escapades always waited for a signal from their frequent encounters until there was a signal. 

Even the famous Rick (last name unimportant), renowned in the boats as “Rickus Erectus”, approached single women in the fine restaurants the Wardroom dined our first night in ports, and said, “Hi, I’m an officer of a Submarine that is in port for week. Can I spend it with you?”

Rick was forward, certainly, but he scored one out of five times, but even he would not ad how grope a woman.

Because of Trump’s behavior, he is obviously another lecher of the Bill Clinton mode. I wouldn’t vote for Bill Clinton, and I won’t vote for Donald Trump!


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