Men Don’t Change. Ask Bill Clinton!

The nation KNEW that Bill Clinton was a predatory lecher even while he was Governor of Arkansas but the nation believed, against all of history, that Bill Clinton would change as president. He didn’t!
Men don’t change! But the hypocrisy of Democrats, who always supported Bill Clinton, and still hold Bill as a rock star, well, the Democrats hypocrisy is monumental!

Zero chance Trump will win, either, so he has decided to poison the wells, burn the crops and salt the fields!

Trump was down 2-4% yesterday, and now has lost many Republicans and almost all Independents.

All the TrumpBots can argue is that Hillary is worse, which may actually be true but we have the option of staying home or voting Third Party.

I understand those who can vote for either major super-flawed candidate, but I can’t. I believe that Hillary belongs in jail, and that Trump would embarrass this nation almost daily for four years!

I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either Trump or Hillary, and I knew that I could not stay home. I have voted for the Republican for president for 60 of my 83 years, but not this time.

I will vote for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, two Republican Governors who were elected and reelected. They aren’t perfect, but they are not as flawed as the two major candidates!


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