It’s Tribal!

America is in a crisis, and it has less to do with the two flawed candidates than with the American public. The nation has two ugly, awful, terrible candidates because both major political party apparatuses are flawed. 

But it is the voter’s reaction to being presented with two ugly, awful, terrible candidates that is America’s problem. We have collectively donned tribal red and blue dress to defend our ugly, awful, and terrible candidate because he or she represents our “tribe.” 

America is doomed if we can’t get out of this tribal mode. 

Hillary would be in federal prison if she was a submarine Naval Officer handling classified material, or had different positions depending on her audience, but instead millions of Americans hold her in great regard. 

Trump has dissed American POWS, said he would order his military to commit war crimes, believes he knows more about ISIS than the military, and is a serial predator, but the Red Tribe believes he is a savior, and almost worship him.

The most recent video tape of Trump confessing to being a sexual predator just highlights the problem, because Democrats who are attacking Trump’s admitted proclivity for sexual assault are the very same Democrats who still treat Bill Clinton as a rock star. 

This nation has no moral compass! Each “tribe” overlooks or diminishes the obvious flaws of their candidate, and attacks the opposition as if Heaven has assigned them to wear heavenly armor. 

This is absurd, not just for the two major political parties, but more importantly for the national psyche. We are acting like Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy, and his famous Bunga Bunga parties have come to America. For those who do not follow European scandals (as if we don’t have enough of our own) Silvio was a super-rich Italian industrialist who won the Italian presidency, made outrageous statements, and threw famous sex parties. 

Of course, European standards are different from ours, and few would say better than ours.

Trump’s parallel with Silvio Berlusconi are many, but Bill Clinton was as bad, as were Ted Kennedy, and Jack Kennedy, so we historically overlook the sexual flaws of our politicians. 

It is the American people who have permitted this, permit it still, and as long as they line up reliably as the Red Team and the Blue Team, it is always going to be so. Each team must protect their quarterback! 

It was not so at the political dawn of the country, and yet there were sides to issues and almost violent debates on issues, and there certainly were those who supported Hamilton or Jefferson, but it was not institutionalized as it is today. 

We have third parties today, and one represents many of the values of the Democrats (Green Party) without the baggage of the Democratic candidate, and the other representing many of the values of the Republicans (Libertarian Party) without the baggage of the Republican candidate.

I intend to cast my vote for the Libertarian Party. It is represented by two successful Republican governors, each of which was reelected in his state. I have reliably voted for the Republican president for 60 years. Not this time.

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