Stuck With Early Support

The problem with early endorsements in politics is that you have bought into future embarrassments, like it or not.
That is a real problem for Trump supporters in the main, and to a lesser degree, to Hillary supporters. As the last days of the election roll by both more Access Hollywood tapes and Wikileaks releases will be placed around the necks of early supporters.

Everyone knew that Trump was (and is) crude, lewd and crude before he won the nomination. That has been proven in spades, but the question is do we want a president who embarrasses us on the world stage every month.

We all knew that Hillary was (and is) irresponsible with classified material, and, in general believes (with some confidence), that rules that apply to others do not apply to her. They apparently don’t.

Trump is in a bind, one of his own making of course. His followers don’t believe that and contend to a person that Trump will win the election by a landslide. Trump has, according to the polls, about 80% of the Republican voters, and Romney LOST with 92% of Republican voters. In effect, Trump can hardly afford to lose a single a Republican voter, much less the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Hillary has the press on her side, and if there was any question in your mind, the Wikileaks leak that Donna Brazile, when she was talent for CNN, fed a question to be asked in a March Town Hall. Then there was the list of 17 journalists invited to a Clinton planning session. 

This isn’t going to change. The press is liberal, always was and always will be. Deal with it!

Clinton believes rules are not for her, and she will be an Imperial President. She has never been held accountable and with all the levers of government, she never will be.

We are screwed.

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