Looking For Distractions

I never thought I would live to see the day I want Obama to get a third term, but that’s where I am today!
I am embarrassed by candidate even worse than Obama.

Trump supporters believe Bill Clinton accusers, but not Trump accusers. Hillary accusers believe Trump accusers, but not Bill accusers. 

Personally I believe most accusers…it takes guts to expose yourself to everyone giving you everything except an anal exam. 

Meanwhile Trump supporters want Hillary in jail.

Not going to happen. She is a Clinton, but change any single letter in her last name and she would be in jail!

Now, I admit that my interest in the political fight is waning, so I seek other distractions. Last weekend, unranked Navy, a 16 point underdog opened a can of Whoopass, and defeated 6th nationally ranked Houston, and Thursday night my Chargers upset Denver. The Charger players with raised fists means the end of my watching the Chargers.

But, I have books to read, including “Jack Hinson’s One Man War”; “The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel”; and “A Torch Kept Lit” a story of William F. Buckley Jr., one of my heroes.

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