Point! Set! Match!

Easy decision.
Trump was ahead on points until he stepped on his crank and said he might not accept the legitimacy of an American election. At that point, it was game over.

Point, set, match!

There was no recovery but in all honesty, from that point forward there was no trying for a recovery. Trump smirked, interrupted and behaved as he had done in the first — and losing debate. Apparently when pressed about accepting the vote, Trump lost his footing, and slipped, grabbed for balance, and did a face plant for the rest of the debate.

Damn, I regret that the Republicans have thrown this “gimme” away! 

But it is what it is. We can’t change it, I suppose the RNC could change it but it would cause not just chaos in the Republican Party, but in the election. Can you imagine another snap debate!

Damn. Just damn!

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