Getting Closer (Fortunately)

Like you, I an eagerly awaiting the election to be over. In San Diego, we have a lot of things on our ballot including a new football stadium — which has zero chance of passing. (That makes the Chargers decide upon Los Angeles and a shared stadium with the LA Rams, or staying in town with an “old” stadium.)
It makes no difference how I vote. There are so many leftist idiots in California that the votes in the Electoral College will go for Hillary. My vote for Johnson, like a vote for anyone but Hillary is just for show!

The thought that every vote counts is just nonsense. It doesn’t.

Mine never counted in 2008 or 2012 either, and that’s too bad because Obama is partly responsible for Trump. Obama pushed through ObamaCare with zero Republican support and it is crumbling right before our eyes. His administration caused Fast and Furious, something that both Mexicans and Americans still get bullets from, his IRS targeted conservative groups, his State Department botched the Middle East, his FBI can define an indictment in detail but not find an indictment, and his Veterans Administration caused countless Veteran deaths.

Luckily, a compliant press and a citizenship not anxious to find fault with the first Black president, gave him a huge pass, but Republicans reacted to it with anger and that anger bred Trump.

And Trump had just enough of an angry overreaction to fail

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