Ask Huma!

Comey certainly dropped a bomb, but HillaryBots won’t care any more than TrumpBots care about his Access Hollywood remarks.
But, Independents are paying attention, and in every election, independents hold the key. What we don’t know is how many Independents have already voted. Common sense tells me that Bots of both candidates tend to get their vote in early, but nothing in this election series is running to form.

Huma could settle this by telling everyone what she knows is on the server she shared with her then pervert husband. She Knows, and while there may or may not be classified messages on the server, Huma KNOWS! 

In the LA Times, the reporter who broke the news of the Comey investigation to the Clinton campaign reported seeming thunderstruck and on the cell phone immediately. I watched all Sunday shows and none of them interviewed Huma. Only FOX News Chris Wallace hammered the Clinton campaign manager over that subject.

The FBI investigation may take months, but getting the information should take seconds.

Ask Huma!

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