The Whole Thing Smells

In any non-South American country, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch could be called into an office and asked under oath about the meeting in the Arizona hangar, to examine if there was any collusion about ANY of the four FBI investigations regarding Hillary Clinton (the Daily Mail of London says five Hillary investigation — but who is counting…)

The Donna Brazile problem demonstrates that cheating is big at the DNC, and, my instincts say that there is something awfully smelly about Bill Clinton getting $18 MILLION for being the HONORARY Chancellor of some obscure university. 

And today marks a week since Huma has not been on the campaign trail with Hillary. She has gone from Hillary’s shadow to disappeared. Now perhaps she is being interviewed by the FBI about her messages, or … who knows. She stood by her pervert husband the first two times he sexted but apparently the third time was the breaking point because it was a federal crime.

I am willing to give Huma a pass on how the e-mails got on a shared computer. I suspect it was an automatic backup of everything when she charged her phone on the laptop. Once again, like the Wikileaks messages, it’s not the means and methods, it’s the content.

Content, content, content!

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