Close In The Race To The Bottom

It is going to be a close election, and I refuse to believe any of the horse race calling of one ahead of the other, because the media is united in one thing…getting eyeballs.
Trump is a pig on a tape from Access Hollywood and his numbers shrink, Hillary is involved in two FBI investigations and her numbers shrink. Tomorrow, who knows…?

I don’t know and I don’t care…it’s going to be close. I am voting for neither so I have no dog in the fight — I detest both candidates. 

I would not have either candidate as a dinner guest. Neither should you…

There are serious leaks, and not just from Wikileaks, and the FBI, but apparently from the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Campaign Committee is being exposed by Wikileaks, and the Campaign has yet to issue a denial about a single e-mail. The non-denial denials are something on the order of, “Well, you know the Russians are leaking those, and how do we know they have not been altered…”

Hey! Yo! You do know if your own e-mails were altered! 

Release them so WE can see! We can compare!

Trump supporters say the corruption is the elites, and Trump can clean the stables. Sure, the guy who donated millions to every pol in sight so he could grease the skids for his real estate empire is going to clean a stable he played in for decades. Gimme’ a break.

TrumpBots will tell you that Trump knows the ropes, knows where the bodies are buried…

Well, so does Hillary, and neither candidate has any history of cleaning up anything! Both are as screwed up as a soup sandwich.

And you are going to vote for one of these people?

Please don’t tell me so I won’t have to carry that burden

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