Weekend Review

Breaking:Navy beat Norte Dame, 28-27!
CBS is reporting that Anthony Weiner’s computer has Clinton e-mails from her days at the State Department. Now, there is no indication yet that those e-mails are classified, or whether they are duplicates, but the FBI algorithms are running day and night on some supercomputers, somewhere in the bowels of the FBI.

BY Monday, if my guess is right, Comey COULD know if there are classified e-mails on Anthony’s laptop. Then Comey has a huge challenge. Does he do what he first refused to do and go public with an indictment, or announce once again that he does not have the goods, or — even if he knows the answer — does he wait until, say December 1 to tell us.Director Comey knows by now what the answer is, but he would be irresponsible not to let the super computer finish its work.

This will all play out shortly, or not. Director Comey is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t — again. He has been under what has been called a “revolt” in his ranks fro Agents who can’t believe he did not at least impanel a Grand Jury.


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