Yes, There is a Double Standard

It is axiomatic that Hillary will win the election, and the good news is that the “Campaign Screech” will likely be moderated to TV interviewing level in the future.
The other good news is that Trump may disappear into the real estate development of NYC to try to repair his “Brand.” As the vocal champion of the unwashed and uneducated, his hotels and golf courses cater to the very educated who will not, in the main, vote for him! They have choices, and they are, apparently, not visiting his resorts in droves

That should permit the Republican Party the opportunity to lick their wounds, ponder what forces gave a loud-mouth, authoritarian, the putative leadership of the party. There IS an angry section of the nation that needs a voice. Trump was not it. Anyone else could have beaten Hillary. A day before the election, I am assuming he won’t, just going with the odds.

There is a meme that contends an impeachable Hillary is better than a loose canon Trump, but an elected Hillary will control the levers of government and can shut down the non-Congressional investigations. 

Nixon lost Republican support. Hillary will never lose Democratic support and is therefore virtually unimpeachable. The question is, will ANYTHING make Democrats understand the national security aspect of Hillary’s e-mails?

The answer is ” No!”

There are many officers in every service who should be granted higher ranks, (some, retired, with a great deal of money lost for retirement against their will), given their reputation back, and be released from prison — immediately.

Also all regulations for military and civil service need to be rewritten, permitting the storing of classified material on home computers.

If this is not done we will know that there are double (and unwritten) standards for those whose last name is Clinton.

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