Fourth Down Is Just Another Down!

So Navy whupped up on Notre Dame last week.
I am reminded of a football Coach for Norte Dame, only a few years ago, who told his players that they should be able to beat a thoroughly outmanned Navy team, because there was not a single player for Navy that Norte Dame ever considered recruiting!

(Navy won!)

That is the talent difference each year, and Navy seldom beats Norte Dame, but it did it again last Saturday, 28 to 27.

USA Today lists the Five Best Winners and Five Worst Losers column this way:

“Navy. Nothing the Midshipmen achieve under Ken Niumatalolo is surprising. Beat Notre Dame? He’s done so three times. Reach bowl games? Every year since he took over in 2002 but one. The work he’s done at Navy is never more evident than against Notre Dame, when the Midshipmen overcome a vast gap in overall talent level by outworking, outcoaching and outplaying the Irish.” 

Having already beaten a Top 10 team (Houston), Navy has had an up and down season, often playing above their weigh, but beating Norte Dame is second each season only to beating Army. (O.K. Air Force and Norte Dame)

I forget how many games it been since West Point has beaten Navy, and it not happening this year either. I think it may be 13 straight for Navy, and it will be one more this year.

One TV analyst said after the Navy win over Notre Dame, “Navy is for real. If you face that offense, you better strap it on real tight.”

Exactly! Navy is always small, and slow, but they are disciplined and well coached by an underpaid Coach. Three yards, three yards three yards, 35 yards…yes, they seldom punt. Fourth down is just another down. It has to be for a small, slow team like Navy.

But most of the team will go into the Navy SEALS or the Marines. 



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