Elites — Political, Hollywood and Media — LOSE!

O.K. I was wrong. I thought Clinton would win, and I was wrong. 
I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton, thinking each worse than the other but there has been a political shocker.

Each candidate was a horrible, so now we have a Republican Horrible as opposed to a Democrat Horrible.


We have a bloodless Revolution, or at least I hope it continues to be bloodless. The good news is that Obamacare is dead and immigration reform is alive. The military will be maintained, and the Republic will survive.

I got up early this morning to see if those celebrities who promised to leave if Trump won, will really leave the country. This was a thumping not just for the Democratic Party, but to the Hollywood elites. 

Both during the Election Day and this early morning, I watched CNN, which I usually watch only sporadically — and the Clinton loss was palpable. Some of those who were on panels were nearly in tears.

It’s a new day, and at least the Supreme Court is safe.

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