Every four years there is a “Holy S#%t” day — that is the day the CIA gives the full briefing to the incoming president.
Today is that day. It is sobering, because there is far more going on than mere citizens know — even more than candidates understand even after their limited CIA briefings.

And today is a great day as well. Sanctuary cities are going to be finished, and about 20 “Celebrities” have promised to leave the country. I hope someone is keeping track of those idiots, so we can celebrate their absence.

Trump won because Democrats stayed home. Here is the truth: when the FBI Director publicly announces that you are “Extremely Careless” with National Security secrets, you would not be accepted as a Cadet at West Point, or a Midshipman at Annapolis, much less the presidency of the United States!

The reaction on line is telling. I have seen posts predicting locusts, tornadoes, Ebola…and many are posting, ” He is not my President.” These are the very same segment that thought those very words were terrible eight years ago.

Stay cool. The very fact that this presidency is the end of political correctness is positive.

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