There is so little news these days, as the nation comes to grips with a new, and untested administration.
Initial indications are that Trump is still expending time and energy — both of which are in short supply — to yell at the media. Not that the media doesn’t need some yelling, but it can more easily be done by surrogates. One can only think that Trump was taking a page from baseball players who question umpire calls, hoping to get marginal calls in the future.

Trump has lived in NYC all of his life, he knows the Times and their biases. They are not going to change. At least for some time, the Times — like most of us — is in denial. I don’t think Trump thought he would win, although his data cruncher says HE thought Trump would win.

Who knows the truth? Truth is elastic in politics.

Too bad. There are few more areas where truth is more needed.

One unforced error that perfectly demonstrates Trump’s inexperience, and a perfect example of why his staff needs to take his Twitter account account away, and that was Trump’s comment about who he would welcome as Ambassador from Great Britain. I can just see the frost on the British reply that they would determine who their Ambassador would be. 


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