Who is Geert Wilders?

Well, he is the Dutch equivalent to Nigel Farage, who engineered BREXIT, but the Dutch are holding a trial on Geert because he publicly said that the Dutch had too many Moroccans, and that the Moroccan populations were causing a disproportionate number of crimes.

You see, saying the truth can get you fined, or worse in the Netherlands, and actually in Britain as well. Britain has banned Geert, and his trial is well underway in the Netherlands.

Free speech isn’t free in Europe! It hardly exists.

Now here is the rub: Geert Wilders is the head of the PVV Party, the Populist political party of the Netherlands, and that party was in about a 20 to 25% of the population before his trial. With his trial, the popularity of the PVV party has almost become a majority!

Britain talked about banning Trump from entering Britain, but with the election, Britain decided not to ban. But they did ban Geert, and what will they do if he becomes the head of the Dutch government!

All of Europe is undergoing a populist revolution with gains in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherland and others. BREXIT was not predicted the day before it passed, Trump was not predicted before he won, and other strange things may fall in the next few years that will change the political map.

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