Climates Change!

CBS headline:”Scientists are warning that the Antarctic ice shelf could collapse within 100 years.”
Anytime I see a headline like “Could” or “May” I know they are guessing — and anytime I see any predictions that extend beyond the cognitive lifetime of anyone living, well that’s guessing, cubed!

It was 17,000 years ago, just a blink of a geologic eye, the oceans were 350 feet lower and the glaciers came all the way to Missouri. NYC was under hundreds of feet of glacial ice.

Climates change….

Not to put too sharp a point on the issue, but thank God for climate change.,.picture the Sahara Desert, with a few thousand pre-humans living to the south. Climate change caused the Sahara to become spotted with grasses and pond, and it enticed the Homo Habilis onto the new new savanna– only to cause some to go South and some north into Europe about 1.7 million years ago when the Sahara again became a desert. 

A similar event happened again with Homo Erectus about 700,000 years ago, and finally with Homo Sapien Sapien (our species) some 40,000 years ago.

Thank God for rapid climate change…it is the reason we are here as a species. Those climate changes, acting like a pump, forced a few of different species, first north into a new verdant plain, then further north and east into Asia, creating the life we know today.

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