Setting New Immigration Policy

Although I am an Immigration Hawk, I am happy to see Trump “pivot” to find a solution for the “Dreamers” who were brought here by their illegal alien parents.
This is just an example of what I have previously called every called EVERY presidents’ “Oh S%#*t moment” when a nominee goes from being surrounded by political campaign experts to being surrounded by executive, management experts. 

Someone finally told the president that giving 11 million (or more) illegal aliens a court hearing would drown the nation in red ink and all of his infrastructure money would go to courtrooms.

So, I suspect the president will triage, and first secure the Border and deport criminal illegal aliens. There are entire gangs in major cities made up entirely of illegal aliens. 

Yes, they get deported, and they return because while illegally entering the US is only a misdemeanor, returning after a deportation is a FEDERAL FELONY! 

It isn’t enforced, and that is why we get criminals with multiple illegal re-entry. Enforcing that single existing law will do more to clean up crime than any single action the president could take, and he could do so with a memo to his new Attorney General.

Senator Jeff Sessions would jump on that!

Yes, the Obama Executive Order giving the Dreamers a more rosy path than they deserve must be overturned. It was a political move, not a policy that was sustainable.

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