Modern Akhenaten

Trump is a modern Akhenaten, the Egyptian King considered both an evangelist, a heretic, an insane ruler and as a brilliant ruler.
Certainly, Trump’s personal activities show an iconoclast, but his Cabinet appointments are brilliant, if competence is your measure. The question is, will these Cabinet members have a voice or will Trump have a loose rein. 

I am impressed by the Cabinet in that it contains few purely political appointments. Even the appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions is an appointment of a man with experience as a U.S. Attorney for The Southern District of Alabama. The appointment of Rick Perry to the Department of Energy may just be to initiate a few long term concepts before ending the Cabinet position along with the department.

I like Trump’s meeting with various people that as a business tycoon he could never get an hour with, Bill Gates, Al Gore come to mind. (The Kayne West meeting is sketchy — the guy just got out of a mental institution!)

I love the way Trump put the Chinese back on their heels by taking the call from the Taiwanese president! He needed to let the staid Chinese that the old rules with that nation no longer apply. They got the message

I can’t wait to see what is next. I was prepared to be a constant critic, but am feeling like an occasional critic today.

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