Try Begging! 

The shaming of Russia and Syria is not working. It didn’t work when UN Ambassador Samantha Powers tried to shame Russia and Syria over the civilian slaughter in Aleppo. Secretary of State John Kerry, a special kind of fool, tries to appeal to Assad’s merciful side. 

Backed by a flaccid president, who would not enforce his own Red Line, much less try even Candidate Hillary Clinton’s “No Fly Zone” lest we encounter Russian pilots, or Hillary’s concept of a Sanctuary lest the Syrians might attack our forces, there is nothing left in our arsenal.

I guess President Obama could try to save the final few thousand children by flying to Moscow and begging. His legacy is so tarnished that he could just do that, but instead immediately after his final presser, he and his family left for his usual Winter vacation in Hawaii.

For the next few days, the TV news will feature the juxtaposition of the massacre in Aleppo with our president body surfing and golfing.

It is our president who has no shame

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