Too Much Mercy, Too Little Justice

The Washington Post, to its credit, has been recently running a series on youth violence in the District of Columbia, I suppose it is because the District has become a city rivaling Chicago and Baltimore as a serious and unremitting crime scene.
The WaPo haas identified a law, passed in 1985 as the primary culprit, or at least the prosecutors and judges interpretation of the law, known as the Youth Rehabilitation Act. This law permits prosecutors and judges great discretion in sentencing offenders under the age of 22. (One question is, should offenders that old be considered “youth?”)

The real question is the efficacy of the program, since many offenders are sentenced under the Second Chance program, as it is called, three or four times. (Only murder charges are not eligible for the program.)

But many offenders (750 since 2010) become repeat offenders, and their repeats just since 2010 include 121 murders, and countless robberies and rapes.

Yes, the District has a problem with the Second Chance program. Shining a light on the program and staying on the subject (as WaPo has) is a good beginning. D.C. has discovered that justice tempered with mercy, invariably has too much mercy and too little justice!

That would last about an afternoon and the Feds would still have a thousand lawyers lined up in the hall!
Taking on a federal government that intends to win is a good way to run out of city money. Feds can print money, Cities can’t!

Not to mention that Chicago is the pinnacle of corruption…can you imagine 100 federal agents walking into City Hall, seizing all computers and files…yes, the incoming administration has powerful options available!

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