Salting the Fields, Poisoning the Wells!

The US position on Israel has taken in the UN yesterday was absolutely insane, but President Obama is salting the fields and poisoning the wells as he leaves office! 
He has “permanently” placed millions of square miles of limits to drilling, released violent prisoners at an alarming rate, and thrown Israel under the diplomatic bus — and he still has a month to go, wreaking havoc. It is hard to imagine the mischief he can do in the final days, some of which can’t be reversed — like his pardons. 

Will he pardon Snowden! How about Bergdahl? Rod Blagojevich

As to the UN , the vote that President Obama permitted by refusing to veto, is material only in that it brands Israel as a War Criminal, but of course the UN is worthless anyway. Where was the UN during the slow but massive death of civilians in Aleppo? 

Come to think of it, where was the most powerful nation in the World?

It was also the combination of the feckless UN combined with the feckless Obama Administration that abandoned Israel, along with Aleppo.

If Trump decides to defund the UN and demand their leaving New York, it would suit me just fine. Let the Europeans deal with the “Diplomats” from backward countries with barely running water, whose Diplomatic cars build up millions in uncollected and uncollectable traffic fines.

I can’t think of a single thing that the UN is good for, except to say “tut tut” after the slaughter is complete. 

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