Putin is NOT our friend!

I have several misgivings about the coming Trump presidency, but one has come to the fore earlier than I had expected. 
The Russian problem.

And believe me, Russia is a problem. My fear is the FDR fear, because FDR thought that by din of his personality he could control Stalin’s unquenchable thirst for Communist power. FDR couldn’t, and he didn’t because he died soon after the Potsdam Conference, but let’s face it, Stalin played FDR, and in truth, Winston Churchill, as well. 

Putin is playing Trump as well, buy using flattery, an absolute iron clad way to get Trump’s confidence. 

While I don’t think Trump will send the GPS positions of our nuclear submarines if asked, what I do think is that Trump may not prosecute all of the covert blocking moves — physical and cyber — that are currently underway, and make no mistake I believe those are not sufficient!

Russia is not our competitor, they are our enemy plain and simple. The war between us is not kinetic, but it is seriously active in the cyber and economic fields, and more dangerously in the spying and submarine fields. Both spy and submarine activities are deadly games, played up close and personal, and while we necessarily don’t hear about those things, any diminution of these activities will be exploited by Putin.

I am certain that Trump can be a tough adversary, but this nation could close a lot of unrecoverable ground if he falls for Putin’s flattery

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  1. Allen,

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately and wondering what our motivations really are concerning Russia. I wonder if we are viewing China as the bigger threat and are aligning ourselves with Russia to combat China?

    I think Syria was all about natural gas pipelines going to Europe. We were aligned with Saudi and Qatar. We failed and Europe will get their gas from Russia and Iran via Turkey.

    But if Trump wants a enemy to close the trade deficit then China makes sense. That would explain accepting the phone call from Taiwan and all the talk about bringing jobs back to the USA.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Happy New Year,

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