San Diego Has A Wall With Mexico

Here in San Diego, we are a bit puzzled by the debate about the “wall” — we have had one for many years, thanks to former Congressman Duncan Hunter. It is made from WWII surplus portable steel runway sections.
San Diego County has an exemplary double wall, about 50 miles long. It stretches from Smugglers Gulch into the Pacific Ocean, and according to official Border Patrol records it cut the Illegal Immigration before the wall in this area from 200,000 a year, to 9,000. 

A 95% reduction in illegal alien activity.

If the same wall was built in Arizona, it would dramatically cut the 200 illegal immigrant deaths in the desert. 

The San Diego wall is not perfect — or rather it is so perfect that it forces the Mexican smugglers to expend great effort and spend great sums. Almost 30 tunnels under the fence have been discovered, some dug a mile long and some 70 feet deep. These are sophisticated tunnels with electricity, lights, air pumps and in some cases rail lines and hand carts to move drugs.

The wall increases the cartel cost and effort.

 Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of good!

Democrat Selective Memories

Democrats have very selective memories.’

‘”After the 2009 discovery that two al Qaeda terrorists were living as refugees in Bowling Green, Ky., President Obama took action. “As a result of the Kentucky case, the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011, federal officials told ABC News – even for many who had heroically helped U.S. forces as interpreters and intelligence assets,”‘

Now this particular Refugee ban has the appearance of not being well thought out, simply because some people were inconvenienced in the airports, giving the Rent a Crowd the opportunity to do what they do. 

(How many crowds and marches do conservatives do? Precious few.)

These demonstrations are as much about the disdain the left have for the current president, as the actual excuse for their gathering

The She Pinches

 I find the fear and loathing for Trump to be nearly identical to the fear and loathing of the Republican blogs I saw with Obama. I might add that I remember no marches, even when Obamacare was forced through the Senate with zero Republican votes, and only enough Democrat votes through pure, unadulterated bribery. 
(Remember the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the “Louisiana Purchase?” Even Pure Bernie Sanders, unsupportive at first, changed his mind when he got $10 billion for his state hospitals, and Vermont and Massachusetts got little sweetheart deals!)

The Democrats appear to have marches, and demonstrations everywhere, all the time, for anything. And their fear and loathing, punctuated with terms like “fascist” appear with the regularity that “Communist” did in the Obama administration.

The shoe is really on the other foot, and it pinches.

The Press Should Be The Opposition

Even the press is beginning to understand that Trump is a Major Disruptor, and not so much because he is a revolutionary, but because he is a businessman. He doesn’t understand or speak like a politician, which is what the press expects. He doesn’t understand or speak in nuanced terms, the lingua franca of the State Department, but rather a language closer to that of a mid-level military man. Blunt, to the point, strictly bottom line.
That’s why he admires General Mattis. Brilliant but blunt. In fact President Trump so admires General Mattis that he has deferred to Mattis on the subject of torture. Good move.

The press is no longer the bar stool reporter of the past, a hard drinking, crime reporter with no adverse reaction to blood. No, today’s reporter is a Chablis-drinking “Journalist” with a Masters Degree, staying in a sand-bag protected Marriot in a war zone and interviewing presidents.

The press is, and should be the opposition to EVERY administration. The problem is, they aren’t. They are partisan, but at least both sides have their partisan newspapers and their partisan TV networks. 

I choose to spend a lot of time reading and watching the opposition, including CNN and subscribing to the Washington Post. Administrations NEED opposition, and the Democrats are in a rebuilding years, without a leader. They control nothing, not the presidency, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governorships or the state legislators. They need to get busy.


Economics Trumps Politics

With the decision to cancel the Mexican presidents visit to President Trump, the Mexican Peso dropped 12%, but settled down 8%. That is an enormous drop, and indicates the economic power of the US. If Mexico, our second largest trading partner gets on our bad side, their economy will tank. Mexico knows this, and resents it, but it is a fact of life in Mexico.
Mexico will pay for the wall. They may get a fig leaf to make them feel better, and to assuage their feelings, but they will pay.

Economics trumps politics.

On that subject. California, and various Sanctuary Cities intend to build War Chests to fight the federal government on immigration. Just one observation: The Federal Government can print money, and cities and states can’t. (Never get in a high stakes poker game with someone who has unlimited funds, as I heard growing up in Texas.) 

Economics trumps politics.

Game over

Sensitive in the Extreme

I hope President Trump understands that Mexico is sensitive in the extreme about everything the United States does on the Border, whether it is legal or not under US law. 
The Mexicans have a saying, “Poor Mexico. So far from God and so close to the United States!”

Mexico trembles when the US sneezes. It is worse than being just a dirt poor neighbor, it has been the recipient of our invasion forces under a president of my personal family, and the then forced “sale” of vast areas of what is now the US. (President James K. Polk, 11th President of the US. I am Allen Polk Hemphill.)

Many Mexicans feel that the US “stole” Texas to California from them. There is even a Museum of Intervention in Mexico City, which features the US invasion, “seizures” of their lands, and our subsequent economic interventions in Mexico.

And the US is an enormous economic power. We are such an economic power that 10% of the entire Mexican population of Mexico is living, illegally amongst us in seeking our work. The Mexicans living in the US send $25 BILLION a year back to their families in Mexico each year. While this money is not taxed in the US, it is in Mexico.

Can you imagine the chaos in Mexico if the US stopped the “remittances” of $25 Billion annually sent directly to the families of Mexico? It would stagger the economy of Mexico, and the peso would drop like a stone.

Simply Enforcing Existing Law

I have all sorts of wonder about liberals visceral reaction to President Trump’s immigration Executive Orders, because all they do is to enunciate enforcement of existing law.
Congress passed a law a decade ago to build a wall, but now the president is sending a message that he expects Congress to fund what they already ordered.

I understand that Illegal Aliens (the technical term, used in federal law) are apprehensive. Lawbreakers should not comfortable, and they should be apprehensive. My friends know I have been on the other side of the immigration law in a major way. Fortunately for me, the law in those days looked the other way. 

Needless to say, I understand both sides. I wish this issue could be solved in a manner I have published, and that methodology would be a win-win. The Trump administration has directed a strict legal push, which is their right but I believe it is unnecessary. It is the law, and he wants to enforce it after years of neglect, and that neglect built a constituency. A very large constituency.

The push has caused a reaction from Congressman Luis Gutierrez, who represents the citizens of Illinois’ 4th congressional district but has always been a camera-seeker as the unofficial representative of the illegals. His plan is to clog the legal system, a predictable ploy because the American judicial system is based on due process. 

That due process system is already overwhelmed, and obviously 11 million illegals would crash the system, so I hope there is a plan to streamline the currently clogged system.

This is a multi-front war, with Trump being fought by cities, counties and states on Sanctuary Cities, and by Democrats in Congress on Border walls, deportations, and funding of more assets. He has the law on his side, but it will still be a long political fight. 

Texas has already joined the fight on Sanctuary Cities, placing the Sheriff of Austin on notice. President Trump will need states to join the effort.

Strange Trump Idea

 I have been sick, but I return to make others sick…
So I watched the Spicer presser this morning, and the press appears hung up on Trump’s belief that there was massive voter fraud. Pressed on the subject, Spicer tried to avoid the subject by saying, “President Trump believes that…”

The Press wouldn’t let it go. Asked for proof of voter fraud, Spicer wisely staid with his talking points, because he knows there is no such evidence. The only way Tump believes it is that it gives him an excuse for losing the popular vote…as if that matters. It does to Trump, of course because he must continue to believe he is the GREATEST!

(Clue: He isn’t.)

Trump’s belief is silly, but considering the problems in this world, his belief is not harmful. Nancy Reagan believed in Fortune Readers, and 77% of the American believe in Angels, for which there is also no proof. 39% believe that God created the earth within the past 10,000 years and that man and dinosaurs walked the earth together in spite of enormous scientific proof to the contrary.

People believe all sorts of strange things that rational people don’t believe. More than half Americans believe alien life has reached earth. I doubt that Trump holds many weirder concepts than other Americans hold.

Still, it’s strange, and one wonders what other unsupportable ideas he has

Not Helpful

I just wish I could find the source of this great quote about the Democrat reaction to the election: “It was like their spouse had died, their child had died, and their dog had been hit by a car,” he said. “You just never saw this level of loss.”

I understand that. What I do not understand is the level of just plain anti-American rhetoric being spewed by the left — and led by John Lewis, (Can I use his name without adding the title “Icon?” I think he added that to his name, or perhaps it is Copyrighted.)

There is poison in the air. Anarchy. Absolute racial divide. 

Brit Hume attributes it, in part, to the fact that Trump simply will not smooth his edges and that has something to do with the reason he was elected. Trump is who he is, and as we are inside of a literal handful of days until his presidency, those who do not recognize his election should found a Government in Exile located in Canada. If just those who threatened to go to Canada if Trump won would just do as they promised, the Government in Exile would have company. J D.C.   

Form their perch in Canada, they need not attend Inaugurations, need not recognize the election, need not believe that Trump is president. The Government in Exile can act as Governments in Exiles of nations whose governments have been seized by Juntas — they can organize, complain, criticize, even make lofty pronouncements.

Participatory Democracy requires that we “participate” — of course it doesn’t require that we attend an inauguration ceremony, that is optional. I am not attending and neither I nor the nation is the worst for it. A congressman, or a group of CongressCritters can skip an Inauguration but to announce that you are skipping out AND that Trump is NOT A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT, that is Government in Exile stuff.

My readers know that I neither supported nor voted for Trump. If Pence is the new, new president, I will cheer, but I served this country in the military under both Carter and Reagan without ever being concerned about whether my president was “Legitimate,” they were just PRESIDENT! 

If Trump screws up and gets impeached, that will not bother me one bit, but right now he is the President of the United States. John Lewis has taken with him much of the Congressional Black Caucus in solidarity, opening a new and unnecessary racial divide. This is outside the political process, and the nation deserves better!

The Swamp is Huge, and Deep…

Hallelujah! In a Congressional effort to “drain the swamp,” bills are being proposed to enact “Employment at Will” as the standard for federal employment. One bill is by Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.), and his bill is named “Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency Act.”

No single thing could do more to reform federal employment than this single bill. The bill in question would only become law a year after enactment and then only for new hires. 

One of the bill authors remarked that Employment at Will would make the federal employees “like the rest of the country” but that is not entirely correct. Teachers, and other state employees –in effect “government workers” — have the sort of protections that means, in effect they can’t be fired.

Civil Service protections, through union action, have enshrined and codified such onerous “due process” clauses as to thoroughly constipate the system to get rid of even the most objectionable individuals! 

Needless to say, union leaders are irate. The Due Process provisions, they say, are to protect workers against capricious managers, as if managers want to fire their best workers and keep their best workers. Personally, I don’t think that firing your best workers is a fast ladder to management success.

As a young Lt. in the Navy I was a Project Manager of a super secret computer data system with hundreds of military and federal workers. Receiving order to effectuate a Reduction In Force, I rejoiced at the opportunity to get rid of dead wood. It was then I learned about Bumping Rights” wherein a fired worker could resume his previous desk, and that person then bumped his previous replacement.

I lost my latest Ph.D hires…(Sigh)