So, now some idiot in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has activated his 15 minutes of fame by announcing that he will not sing at the Trump Inauguration. He joins some Daddy Long Leg from the Rockettes whose 15 minutes has pretty much expired.
Pettiness abounds, but I support anyone going — or not going to whatever inauguration, movie, goat-rope or square dance that makes them happy.

Announcing publicly that you are not going is just foot stomping…which IS petty! The guy at the Choir had the cajones to resign, but the Rockettes gave their dancer the choice of going or not.

She would never get a choice if she worked for me. If I signed up for my football team to play an opponent, you will suit up and play. If I sign up for my band to march in the Macy’s Parade, you will damn well march in the Macy’s Parade, or we will have 75 Trombones in the River City Boys Band!

Some restaurant in D.C. has a mural of presidents but has announced that they just don’t have the funds to add Trump, and I support their decision. I guess they feel that, at least until Trump populates D.C. with his people, they would lose their petty liberal clientele but at some time they will lose their conservative clientele.

That is assuming that any restaurant in D.C. has conservative clientele, which I doubt. Government workers tend to be liberal, knowing on which side their bread is buttered upon. 

It would be wonderful if Trump and the Republicans could move the government to Denver or Salt Lake City, to break the multi-generational bureaucracies. But, let’s not let our New Year wishes run amok.

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