What Leadership!

Former Obama administration member (and former admitted Communist) Van Jones, now a CNN panelist, thinks the Clintons are finished as the leader of the Democratic Party. (The Washington Post tells us the Van Jones is “in” this year!)
That is not much insight. Everyone but Huma probably knows that, but the question is, who is the leadership of the crushed Democratic Party. Democrats were counting on Hillary to lead a counterattack against the Republicans, who control both Houses of Congress, the Supreme Court for decades, and more than 30 State House Governorships and legislatures. 

All the Democrats control are broken Cities.

Yes, The Obama eight years has been a Democratic Party disaster, and now their Great Hillary Hope has failed, leaving a defeated battlefield, without either leadership or reserve forces. Unfortunately for them, the forces best organized to provide leadership are the ultra-left of a leftward political party who lost because they lost the geographic and political center of the nation.

Fire Dean Spanos!

The Chargers lost their stadium vote, they lost their last game, they lost their season (5-11) and they lost their Coach.
What they needed to lose is the Owner’s son, Dean Spanos.

Next, it is likely they will lose San Diego as a home field, as Dean Spanos completes his idiocy by likely going to play as the second team in Los Angeles. That will be granted by a huge yawn from San Diego…

The downhill slide began when, to lead the Charger campaign to get a new stadium, Dean Spanos brought in “smash mouth” negotiator Mark Fabiani, a Los Angeles lawyer to the rich and famous. This in one of the most laid-back cities in America, and it cost the Chargers badly.

Somewhere along the way, Spanos put a muzzle on Fabiani, but the team continued to lose, and the voters said “no way.”Spanos wanted a downtown venue and the city wanted a stadium adjacent to the existing stadium. Spanos could have had the city proposed site, but he used his “muscle” to push for the downtown site against entrenched downtown business and political interests.

Spanos lost! Needing a 66% positive vote to get a stadium that would cost the voters nothing, he and Fabiani could only get 43%. San Diegans don’t push around easily by the “Chairman” (son of the Owner who built the team) of a losing team.

The coach who was just fired was NOT the problem, not even for the losses. Our QB leads the league in interceptions, and our two leading rushers suffered season ending injuries. 

But it is Dean Spanos and Mark Fabiani who should be fired.