China Gets Propos It Doesn’t Deserve

Well, it’s a new year and there is much to comment upon. As a supporter and voter of neither Hillary nor Trump, I reserve the right to condemn any Trump utterance or move he makes. I may even subscribe to his Twitter feed. 
From his Twitter feed yesterday, I see he has tweeted that North Korea won’t test their ICBM. I don’t know what that means, but several presidents announced that North Korea would not get the atomic bomb that they now test regularly. 

Of course we have the ability to shoot it down just as it leaves the launch site, but it’s an Act of War IF the NK wants to treat it as such. They could launch before January 20, and be safe. I’m certain they thought of it, unless they just want to be the first test for the new administration.

There will be several tests for the new administration, and this could be the first one, and it might even be inspired by China. They will happily let their arm’s length buddy take the flak, while they take the high road. Already today, the WaPo calls China the mature kid on the block, but if they were, North Korea would not have the weapons they have. 

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