Red Line Alert!

Look out…LOOK OUT DAMN! You would have thought if Trump read newspapers, he would have know about that reef!
Looks like Trump has let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ass.

Trump has said that North Korea wont launch their test of an ICBM! That’s called a “Red Line” and Obama’s ship ran aground on that very reef when he said the US would act if Assad used chemical weapons. He didn’t and lost a lot of international credibility!

Now Trump has drawn a Red Line before he full understands the problem, and before he has the power to impact the situation.

Trump’s options are really limited. Yes, the US can probably shoot down the missile 30 seconds after launch, but that would probably be an act of war. The NK has 16,000 heavy duty artillery weapons sighted in on nearby Seoul.

Trump would have to be willing to risk major action against not just the NK but their proctor state, China. I doubt he is so willing, and as president after president has learned, there is not a hope in hell for diplomacy. 

I hope Trump knows what he is doing, because I sure as hell don’t. Trump could call for an immediate evacuation of Seoul, hoping that would impress NK that he is serious, but the disruption of the Seoul economy would be severe, actually devastating, and if it doesn’t then work to deter the NK he could at least take action without great immediate loss of life.

The NK are mercurial. Trump is mercurial. 

Not a great combination

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