Second Trump Blunder In Two Days

I am not a great fan of the Spook Community, let’s start with that. The ones I have served with on Submarines were a bunch of supercilious “I know things that you don’t know” smirking fools. Left to their own designs, they could not have gotten our Submarine underway, much less dived it or navigated it into positions for them to do their work.
Yes, we knew things the NSA Spooks didn’t know. Lots. 

Their organization, under a junior officer, did not answer to our Commanding Officer. Everyone, except NSA Spooks of course, emptied their food remains. NSA Spooks just got up and left their trays because they wanted to demonstrate their independence from the crew, when what they demonstrated was bad manners.

They were annoying guests, and the USS Pueblo (AGER-2) can attribute their loss of documents to the North Koreans directly to this dysfunctional non-chain of command.

My personal feelings aside, our intelligence services didn’t predict 9/11, or ISIS, Syria, or Benghazi, the Russian efforts in Crimea or Syria or many other atrocities. Of course we may not know what they did interdict…

But Trump better make nice with the intelligence forces. They are Patriots, risking their lives in inhospitable places when our Army entered Iraq they were first greeted by grizzled looking Iraqis who were all actually CIA Agents, who had moved among the populace for years, undetected.

Trump has no substitute for these brave men, and he can’t develop them. He needs to have their backs, and they need to know that he has their backs. EVERYONE in their chain of command needs to know he is hugely supportive of their efforts.

Another Trump blunder, like saying North Korea won’t test an ICBM, and he is not yet president. Things don’t bode well

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