Yes, the Russian’s did it! 

Senator McCain calls it an Act of War. Actually, I don’t dismiss that conclusion, it just that the rules are worse than murky, they are non existent. 

After 6,000 years of recorded history, we have some idea of what constitutes a physical Act of War. The offended nation gets to decide if they want to use the offense to respond, but in cyberworld, who knows? The Turks didn’t respond to the Russian over-pressuring their pipeline, Iran to our destruction of their centrifuges, the US to the Sony hack, or the Chinese constant stealing of US aircraft and ship designs.

Even in the physical world, the US could have but didn’t respond to the seizure of a US Navy ship (USS Puebla, AGER-2) on the high seas by the North Koreans in 1969. 

Obviously, the size and power of the offended nation has SOMETHING to do with the response, but we need a set of rules and we need them in place, soon.

And this nation needs to answer to cyber Acts of War, with some appropriate Kinetic Response. We are being beaten upon heavily and often, and there is no response or certainly no response worthy of the name. Apparently, President Obama’s message to Putin, to “Cut it out” hasn’t worked!

Of course there is a new Sheriff in town, and after stepping on his crank with a disparaging tweet yesterday, said he was a “big fan” of the intelligence community…too late. As we say in the the Navy, it takes five “Attaboys” to overcome a single “Gotcha.”

The exit of former CIA Director, James Wolsey, from the Trump camp is more than a statement and just the first. It will not be the last.

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