Trump’s Ferguson Moment?

Trump has done nothing to instill confidence in the Intelligence community, and much to cripple those whose life is dedicated to this country.
One needs only read the confidence with which his followers, the TrumpBots), disparage the intelligence gatherers who swear allegiance to the Constitution, and praise a foreigner hiding in an Equadorian embassy in London to avoid multiple rape charges in Sweden! (Sure, as if Sweden is known to be really Victorian in their sexual laws.)

Some of my friends, Cold Warriors of decades, now believe Putin is our new friend if Putin is Trump’s friend.

You can’t make this up! Jesus himself doesn’t often get such blind adoration as the Great Orange One!

Someone needs to tell the Great Orange One that the very bright people in the intelligence field have options, as his Chief of Staff just learned about former CIA Director James Woolsey who just went out the door. Who can blame him? If some president had treated the Submarine Force so cavalierly, I would have been in my entrepreneurial/corporate/academic careers much earlier. I don’t stay where I am not wanted, and Trump has cut the morale off at the knees.

The Intelligence service can make a president look REALLY bad. The Great Orange One is not having a good transactions. They have deep roots in Washington, and around the world with other intelligence services. They can leak through favored intelligence services. They can cause more damage than Trump can absorb by doing what the Chicago police do — nothing!

Mr. Trump, don’t let this be your Ferguson moment! 

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