Quick Hits

No “California” will not wash away this week in the coming storm, although much of Central California will take a major hit. This is not just a big state, it is a long state, and San Diego will be a balmy 78 today. We will have a week of showers in San Diego, and cooler weather, but it is Central, and perhaps north that will suffer — and that storm will sweep across the country…

Good for Kentucky! They became the 27th state to become a Right to Work state. Eventually, nearly every state must become a RTW state to survive. Missouri is next! I love it, because it spells greater liberty!


I simply don’t get the discussion over Russian hacking. If one robs a bank, but gives the proceeds to the Red Cross, he may have done a good thing in the end but he will be charged with a crime for the start. Some of my friends don’t get that concept

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