Alexi, What is…

The Consumer Electronics Show this year is the “Alexi of everything” show, and I understand. At my advanced age, and with an ill wife, I have Caregivers for her almost every day. No Caregivers at night, so I can use as much electronic help as possible as I grow older.
Alexi is just beginning, but I use it for Basic knowledge searches, and Amazon ordering, but very soon I’ll use it to control the thermostat, locks and lights. Yes, I am going home automation, now that Apple HomeKit is mature and I’ll buy those things that are compatible with both Siri and Alexi. The more these items are broadly compatible, the better for consumers.

Although I am still a Left Lane Louis, the day will come when I will have to surrender my car keys, but fortunately autonomous care are right around the corner. That same CES show brought a Google Autonomous car based on a Chrysler MiniVan, and there have been test beds running on Lexus SUVs for years. We need to get these on the off the regulators desks and into show rooms. 

One of the cars at CES even had Alexi installed. While Alexi is an Amazon product, one cannot count out Google Home, but Amazon Echo and Alexi have 5.1 million units in the marketplace — two million units just in 2016. That is a healthy head start, but Google is a ferocious competitor. I may use both.

It is always wise to await a settled marketplace, but at my age I can’t wait for settled. There are some good options available today. Ordered an Ecobee thermostat, today. 

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