The Swamp is Huge, and Deep…

Hallelujah! In a Congressional effort to “drain the swamp,” bills are being proposed to enact “Employment at Will” as the standard for federal employment. One bill is by Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.), and his bill is named “Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency Act.”

No single thing could do more to reform federal employment than this single bill. The bill in question would only become law a year after enactment and then only for new hires. 

One of the bill authors remarked that Employment at Will would make the federal employees “like the rest of the country” but that is not entirely correct. Teachers, and other state employees –in effect “government workers” — have the sort of protections that means, in effect they can’t be fired.

Civil Service protections, through union action, have enshrined and codified such onerous “due process” clauses as to thoroughly constipate the system to get rid of even the most objectionable individuals! 

Needless to say, union leaders are irate. The Due Process provisions, they say, are to protect workers against capricious managers, as if managers want to fire their best workers and keep their best workers. Personally, I don’t think that firing your best workers is a fast ladder to management success.

As a young Lt. in the Navy I was a Project Manager of a super secret computer data system with hundreds of military and federal workers. Receiving order to effectuate a Reduction In Force, I rejoiced at the opportunity to get rid of dead wood. It was then I learned about Bumping Rights” wherein a fired worker could resume his previous desk, and that person then bumped his previous replacement.

I lost my latest Ph.D hires…(Sigh)

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